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Residential services :

From small scale residential projects to multi-stage community developments, the marketing team at Bhoomi has the knowledge and insight to meet the clients objectives. The company exclusively markets a project- right from conception to handing over of property, making the experience a sheer joy for those wanting to buy a home through a one–stop shop.


With keen business acumen, a deep insight in the local market and an in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements, the company ably customizes project designs for different types of property needs. It offers a complete consultancy service for residential development, backed by our extensive knowledge and experience.

Commercial Services :

Bhoomi core competencies lies in retail segment. We work with major national and multinational retailers on Pan India basis. We work with clients to locate the properties as per their need:

  •  Corporate Offices
  • IT/ ITES Workplaces
  • ROI Deals
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Showrooms
  • Factory Sheds

Land Consultancy :

This is a conglomeration of services offered to developers and buyers. Location survey, feasibility study, offering and executing the deal are basic services, in addition to legal consultation and assessing properties accurately. We offer best joint venture and our right sell of premium properties only after vetting it from our team so that the end user gets the best and the whole cycle time is reduced.

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